Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Yoga in Altea, Alicante

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Swedish and Hot Stone Massage

Hi! Welcome to my web site. My name is Rachel Rose. I am a qualified massage therapist. I trained in London at the Clare Maxwell Hudson School of Massage. My massage is a mixture of Swedish massage, that is, on a massage table with oils, and Tui Na (chinese massage) with passive movements, breathing and stretches. I use only organic food-grade coconut oil as my carrier oil. I use high-quality natural essential oils - never fragrance or parfum - to add aroma.

I later learned the Hot Stone massage technique and added it to my repertoire. It is a deeply relaxing massage that helps warm and ground the body and spirit through the powerful Earth energy held in the stones. My Canadian basalt stones are hand-collected from the west coast of British Columbia. My cold stones are Spanish marble.

I have, sadly, never tried my own massage, but routinely get comments like "that was the best massage I've ever had." I am very grateful for these compliments as I am passionate about my work and feel fortunate to perform skillfully a job that I love.

After training in London, I found regular work at a residence/day centre for senior citizens, Henderson Court, in London's toney Hampstead. My most seasoned old dear was a 96-year old Hungarian who would put many people 20 years her junior to shame. Run by the reknowned British charity, Age Concern, this work gave me a great insight into the trends in ageing bodies - how the spine bends, the body loses its central axis and the joints, muscles and connective tissues stiffen. I constantly use this practical knowledge in my massage practice. I gained a different set of skills whilst working at Balance the Clinic on London's swanky King's Road. There, it was all about detox, cleansing and anti-ageing. This co-incided with my two years' study of Nutritional Medicine. I studied the philosophy of Dr. Plaskett, an Oxford-trained biochemist who decided to investigate the use of natural cures in chronic and degenerative disease. I didn't get the full qualification, exiting with a diploma when I realised that I was not a good enough psychologist to understand how to motivate people to change their dietary habits.

Since moving to Spain in 2005, I spent three years working with with Dr Aleks Bjargo and Dr. Lawrence King at the Costa Blanca Chiropractic Center (now Advanced Chiropractic). I now have my own treatment room in beautiful Altea. I take very special care of this space. I regularly filter the air in the centre, so you can be sure that you're not breathing dusty or stale air when you come visit. I use biodegradable cleaning products. Towels are washed frequently and dried in the hot Mediterranean sun. I cultivate orchids in my massage room. Check out the photos of my colourful babies here, on the right. Click here for a map. Advance booking is essential. As of 05/2014 my availability is: Tuesday AM and PM, Wednesday AM, Thursday AM.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Magnesium is an element that is absolutely essential to good health. Not only is it used in the production of red blood cells and the generation of cellular energy (ATP) in the mitochondria, it is required by muscle cells to stretch and extend (after contraction). Magnesium is usually derived from foods, but in the West, magnesium deficiency is the second most common mineral deficiency, after Iron (anaemia). So, many people who have chronic muscular pain are actually experiencing the effects of magnesium deficiency (and often dehydration). Literally, the muscle cells cannot relax. In transdermal magnesium therapy, we apply a concentrated solution of Magnesium Chloride to the skin, let it penetrate, then massage using the manual techniques. I like to spice it up by applying magnesium, then placing hot stones, leaving them for 10-15 minutes, before returning and massaging with oil. You really have to experience this - it is profoundly relaxing and has long-term effects on the muscles.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder)

I am a qualified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. I studied in London, Germany (Foldi Schule) and Austria (Wittlinger Therapiezentrum). I work extensively with lymphoedema, predominantly secondary lymphoedema caused by medical interventions related to breast cancer. I apply the manual lymph drainage (MLD) technique accurately and conscientiously. I use the Hivamat 200 Deep Oscillation therapy to relieve fibrosis and stimulate drainage in the superficial lymphatic system">. I have studied the use of Kinesiotaping in lymphoedema therapy. I can competently apply multilayer compression bandages when they are necessary and can be tolerated. I worked for six years with the Benidorm-based self-help group Anémona Marina Baixa and have an ongoing relationship with MABS, another prominent charity working with cancer patients and survivors. If you or someone you know is affected by lymphoedema of the arm, please refer to this sheet of simple therapeutic exercises and practice them daily.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Laser Tattoo Removal

MLD is a great help to anyone trying to remove a tattoo. Not only will it help with the pain and inflammation after each laser session, it will help to move the broken-down pigment molecules away from the tattoo site. Using HIVAMAT 200 Deep Oscillation Therapy, we help maintain skin flexibility and prevent scar tissue formation.

Hatha Yoga

I have completed a four-year yoga teacher training with the ETY-Viniyoga School of Spain. I completed a further 18 months of training in the post-graduate yoga therapy course offered by the same school. I have been practising hatha yoga since 1999. I offer private hatha yoga classes in my room in Altea. I also give group classes at GOA on the Altea-Albir seafront.  My Alteayoga blog has all the info, and cross-posts to the Facebook page of the same name.  Still, the FB page is probably the most active.  So, like me a like if you're interested in yoga.  Once you're in my yoga groups, I maintain a private blog for students in which we discuss questions that arise in practice, and I give indications about how a sequence can be done at home.  

If you wish to get in touch with me, please drop my an email at rachel (at) rachel - rose (dot) net. Or, give me a call on 667.997.532.

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